Anonymous said:  If I apply for Amber Bush, can I change her fc to someone else? Like, do you guys allow fc changes?

Of course you can! Just put whoever you’d like to change it to somewhere on your application. 


name:  Caelyn age: 16 timezone: ESTdesired character: Freya Milton personality traits & para sample:  RFP

name: Caelyn
age: 16 
timezone: EST
desired character: Freya Milton
personality traits & para sample: RFP

Anonymous said:  does sam know about harley and eli and vice versa?

Yep, they’re all aware of each other. It’s completely tangled and messy. 


Anonymous said:  When do you accept? :)

I’ll accept straight away if I get any apps in. 


Anonymous said:  Can I change an fc?

Yes you can, lovely. 


Let’s play a game!  

For the next 2 hours I’ll immediately accept any apps that come in. Go Go Go! 

Welcome to The District, Allison Dylan! 

*FC changed to Nicola Peltz. 

Activity check!  

Unfollow: Parker Hall

Everyone else who hasn’t posted in 4+ days (without letting me know) is now on warning.and has 42 hours to post before I re-open characters.

Anonymous said:  How active is this roleplay?

Generally, pretty active. We have some quieter days when players are busy but there’s usually always somebody online.